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"Valerie Vernale has been a welcome face at local comedy clubs for the past several years, taking the stage with a blend of confidence, biting humor and a willingness to challenge crowds and push the envelope."

-Peter Hartlaub

"She’s a newer comic with a finely ground wit of a vet."-Alexandria Love

"She's like Richard Pryor with tits."-My Mother

Valerie Vernale is a San Francisco Native currently based in Brooklyn. She cut her teeth in the Bay Area comedy scene where she’s been shouted out in publications such as SF Weekly, SFGATE and was named by the San Francisco Chronicle as, “One of the Six Comics to Catch.” She’s also a regular at SF Sketchfest. 


Valerie’s comedy is honest and confrontational. She’s a fearless performer who has an air of confidence and bravado. Audiences trust her and therefore she’s able to push their boundaries a bit to broach topics that may be considered taboo or touchy. She also does her best to advocate for disenfranchised groups in her act and was featured on KALW to discuss the importance of Black satire as a form of resistance against the status quo. 


She recently completed the “Don’t Follow Us to Our Car” Tour performing in clubs and alt spaces around the country.


In addition to performing and writing stand up comedy, she also produces and hosts The Valerie Vernale Podcast. The podcast is an opportunity to be vulnerable and uninterrupted. She shares all of the feelings and emotions that go into the personal and professional struggle of being a comedian.

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