"Valerie Vernale has been a welcome face at local comedy clubs for the past several years, taking the stage with a blend of confidence, biting humor and a willingness to challenge crowds and push the envelope."

-Peter Hartlaub

"She’s a newer comic with a finely ground wit of a vet."-Alexandria Love

"She's like Richard Pryor with tits."-My Mother

Valerie Vernale is a raging, ranting and raving ball-of-emotions stand up comic. Born and raised in the Bay Area and based in Brooklyn, she cut her teeth in the lowliest of comedy spaces and even performed at a few fancy spots too (Punch Line SF and The Stand NYC). Valerie is a high energy performer who loves to be in the moment and bring the crowd on a journey into her weird and wild brain. She's got a lot to say about pretty much everything and her wit is only outmatched by her passion for the art of comedy. ​

Valerie was mentioned in The San Francisco Chronicle as one of the "Six Comics to Catch," she's performed in SF Sketchfest and was featured on KALW. She is always down to sing "Careless Whisper" at any dive bar. She also currently hosts The Valerie Vernale Podcast.